Deaf Day, celebrated on September 26 in Brazil, is a symbolic date for reflection on the inclusion and rights of deaf people. It marks not only the demand for accessibility and the recognition of sign languages but also the celebration of the rich culture and deaf community. Over the years, this date has served as a focal point for raising awareness about the achievements of the deaf community and the challenges they still face in their fight for equality and respect.

In this context, various inventions aim to ensure the accessibility and inclusion of deaf individuals in society. Below, we highlight some software created in Brazil to promote inclusion and assist deaf people:

Hand Talk: Developed by Ronaldo Tenório in 2012, this application translates Portuguese to Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). In practice, the app converts text and audio into Libras using an animated avatar named Hugo. The goal is to facilitate communication and provide more accessibility for the deaf community, making digital content more inclusive.

Upon recognizing the communication barriers that deaf individuals face daily, Ronaldo decided to develop a solution that has become one of the main Libras translation apps in Brazil.

ProDeaf: Created by students Lucas Mello and João Paulo Oliveira, this software converts the Portuguese language in text or speech into Libras through a 3D avatar.

The idea emerged after Lucas Mello witnessed the challenges deaf individuals faced in obtaining information since many hearing individuals do not know Libras. Thus, aiming to ease communication and inclusion, the computer scientist started the accessibility project. In 2018, Hand Talk acquired ProDeaf.

VLibras: A set of software tools that translate digital content (text, audio, and video) into Libras and can be installed on various platforms, such as desktops, mobile devices, and web browsers. Using an avatar, VLibras interprets the content and presents it in Libras to the user.

This project was developed through a partnership between various institutions, including federal universities and private companies, with the aim of making digital content more accessible to the deaf community in Brazil. It’s a crucial tool to promote inclusion and accessibility on the web and other digital platforms.

Regarding Intellectual Property, it is necessary to clarify that in Brazil, the software is protected as copyright, as provided for in Law No. 9,609/98 (Computer Programs Law), applying, in the alternative, Law No. 9,610/98 that deals with other authorial works. Thus, its protection is not through patents. Only in specific cases, which depends on technical analysis and certain requirements, is it possible to protect a patent containing a software, according to the Industrial Property Law.

The agency responsible for software registration in Brazil is the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) and the process involves the filing of specific documents and a partial or summarized copy of the source code, to keep aspects confidential. The protection of the software lasts for 50 years from January 1 of the year following its creation or publication.

Lastly, it is important to note that registration with BPTO serves as a means of proving the software’s authorship and precedence, but it is not a condition for the software’s copyright protection. The software is already protected since its inception, regardless of registration. However, registration provides additional legal certainty to the holder in the event of litigation related to the software.

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