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Since August 1st, 2023, a new chapter has unfurled in Brazil’s commitment to fostering innovation and harmonizing global industrial design practices. The country’s accession to the Hague Agreement concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs marks a pivotal milestone in its journey towards a more integrated and cooperative design ecosystem.

Brazil now has a system that allows up to 100 industrial designs to be registered in up to 96 countries (including Brazil) through a single international application. In this way, it will be possible to reduce costs and simplify procedures for national companies. The Hague system operated by WIPO will accept international industrial design applications, helping to attract foreign investment in the country, as it will make it easier for non-residents to protect their industrial designs.

For foreign companies, this development heralds a multitude of advantages and opportunities that transcend borders. The Hague Agreement offers a streamlined mechanism for registering industrial designs across multiple jurisdictions through a single application, significantly simplifying administrative burdens and reducing costs. This harmonized approach expedites the protection of innovative designs in Brazil, providing a smoother entry into one of the world’s largest markets.

As the agreement takes root within Brazilian territory, foreign companies are poised to reap the benefits of enhanced efficiency. A single application process means companies can swiftly navigate the intricacies of design protection, freeing up resources to focus on what truly matters: creative exploration and product development. Moreover, the reduced need for multiple applications in various languages optimizes time and resources, increasing the potential to bring novel designs to market quickly.

This move aligns Brazil’s design protection framework with global best practices and assures foreign companies that their intellectual property will be protected in a manner consistent with international standards. The seamless protection provided by the Hague Agreement not only fosters confidence but also encourages foreign investment, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration, growth, and innovation.

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