Paris Convention – Decree No. 75572/75

Article 1 Establishment of the Union; Scope of Industrial Property2 (1) The countries to which this Convention applies constitute a Union for the protection of industrial property. (2) The [...]

TRIPS – Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Members, Desiring to reduce distortions and impediments to international trade, and taking into account the need to promote effective and adequate protection of intellectual property rights, and [...]

Brazilian Copyright Law – Law No. 9.610/98

Title I Introductory Provisions   Article 1 This Law governs copyright, the term encompassing the rights of authors and neighboring rights.   Article 2 Foreigners resident outside the [...]

Plant Variety Protection Law – Law No. 9.456/97

Establishing the Plant Variety Protection Law and enacting other measures   THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC Be it known that the National Congress has decreed and that I hereby sanction the [...]

Software Protection Law – Law No. 9.609/98

On the protection of intellectual property of software, its commercialization in the Country, and other provisions.   THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC: Let it be known that the Chamber of [...]

Brazilian Industrial Property Law – Law No. 9.279/96

Regulating rights and obligations relating to industrial property   PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS   Article 1 This law regulates rights and obligations relating to industrial property.   [...]


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