Recently, the film industry has highlighted movies centered on iconic brands, receiving notable acclaim for the fascinating dive behind the scenes of their creation and success. With this in mind, we present three films that explore the nuances of Intellectual Property related to renowned brands:


One of the most famous films about brands, “The Founder,” addresses the story of the world’s largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Starring Michael Keaton, who portrays Ray Kroc, a salesman who acquires a stake in the business of brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald and transforms the brand into the empire we know today. The film depicts the brand’s true history and how Kroc managed to secure the registration and rights to the McDonald’s brand in the United States.

The plot follows Ray Kroc, an Illinois salesman who, in the 1950s, discovers an innovative fast-food restaurant operation in San Bernardino, California, run by the McDonald brothers. Kroc is impressed by the brothers’ quick food preparation system and sees the potential to turn the restaurant into a national franchise. Although initially collaborating with the McDonald brothers, Kroc maneuvers over time to take control of the company, culminating in his eventual complete acquisition of the McDonald’s brand, while the original brothers are marginalized.

“The Founder” not only offers a view of the creation of one of the world’s largest fast-food empires but also highlights the tensions and human costs involved in ambitious businesses, representing the dynamism and, at times, questionable ethics of the American business world.


The film, released in 2010 and directed by David Fincher, is a drama that chronicles the tumultuous origins of Facebook, the social network that became a global sensation. The film follows a young Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, on his journey to create the site, delving into tested friendships, betrayals, and legal battles that emerge as the platform expands, highlighting the ethical implications and complexities of innovation in the digital age.

The film explores the fine line between inspiration and appropriation, raising questions about who truly “owns” an idea and to what extent this “idea” can be legally protected. Through portrayed legal battles, the film illustrates the importance of clearly establishing rights and expectations related to intellectual property from the outset of any venture.


This 1999 film relates the tumultuous rise of two tech titans, Apple and Microsoft, through the perspectives of their charismatic founders, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, highlighting the innovation, intense rivalry, and controversies that marked the beginning of the personal computer era, exploring both genius and ethical confrontations that defined the trajectory of these technology pioneers.

Regarding Intellectual Property, the film underscores issues about appropriating ideas and technologies. A central example is the controversy involving the graphical user interface (GUI). Jobs is depicted visiting Xerox PARC and later introducing the GUI on Apple’s Macintosh. Upon seeing this innovation, Gates develops something similar for Microsoft, leading to copying accusations from Apple. The film thus delves into the blurred lines between inspiration, innovation, and appropriation in the intellectual property context in the emerging tech world of that time.

The mentioned movies emphasize the critical intersection between innovation, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property. Whether portraying the origins of a global social network, the realm of fast food, or the technology revolution, each story underscores the importance of protecting inventions and brands.

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