Throughout history, numerous women have overcome barriers to leave their mark in various fields, including science, technology, and art. In this vein, we present films that delve into the stories of women who revolutionized the world with their inventions.

 “Temple Grandin” (2010)

The biographical film directed by Mick Jackson relate the story of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who became one of the most innovative scientists in the livestock industry. 

Temple Grandin is renowned for her groundbreaking innovations in more humane animal management in the livestock industry. One of her most notable contributions is the design of the “spiral corral system” or “curved corral,” devised to minimize stress in animals during the slaughter process. The corral design, based on meticulous observations of animal behavior, considers how animals perceive their environment, naturally moving in curves and avoiding bright areas that might induce fear. 

Furthermore, Temple holds the patent in the United States for this invention (US-5906540-A -Animal stunning system prior to slaughter). Her work is widely acknowledged, and she remains influential in advocating for humane animal handling in the livestock industry.

Another notable invention by Temple is the “Hug Machine,” which she specifically designed to calm herself during her crises. This creation arose when she noticed that cattle were calmed when restrained during vaccination. 


“Joy: The Name of Success” (2015)

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, this film was inspired by the life of Joy Mangano, a self-taught inventor who created and patented the Miracle Mop. 

The film charts her journey from ideation to building a business empire, exploring Joy’s highs and lows as she faces personal and professional challenges to bring her invention, a self-wringing mop, to market.

Inventor and entrepreneur, Joy Mangano became a regular presence on the U.S. shopping channel, where she showcased her products and innovations. Her charisma and sales ability made her one of the most popular and successful hosts on the HSN channel. 

Furthermore, in addition to the “Miracle Mop,” Mangano holds various U.S. patents and promoted a series of other household products over the years, including the “Dust pan” and the “Hanger clip”:

“Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story” (2017)

Directed and written by Alexandra Dean, this documentary explores the story of actress Hedy Lamarr and her contribution to technology and communication. 

The film touches upon the actress’s escape from Nazi Austria, her success in Hollywood, and, most importantly, her role as a co-inventor of a secret communication system – a precursor to modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. 

While Lamarr is widely acknowledged for her beauty and cinematic presence, the documentary unveils the brilliant mind behind the star, highlighting her often overlooked contributions to science and technology. Through interviews, audio recordings, and archival footage, “Bombshell” portrays a more nuanced image of a woman who was far more than just a beautiful face. 

Bonus: Ruth Handler, the inventor of the world’s most famous doll, doesn’t yet have a biopic. However, she was honorably mentioned in the movie BARBIE (2023) and in the NETFLIX series “The Toys That Made Us” in an episode related to Barbie discussing Ruth’s role in creating the doll. Read our article about Barbie: Barbie and Intellectual Property

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