Privacy and Data Protection

The fundamental right to privacy, guaranteed to all citizens by the Federal Constitution, is even more important today, in view of technological changes and immersion in a virtual environment.

Technological solutions, which seek, in general, to make people’s lives easier, rationalize business and boost economic activities, collect, compile and use personal information and data to automate tasks, allow access to certain services and improve the user experience in regarding services provided.

Everything we do in a virtual environment, or even in a work or private environment, is carefully monitored, with the collection and use of data, from accessing a website or application, to the use of personal assistants and home appliances connected to the internet (internet) of things). These data that are or can be used by third parties.

In this scenario, laws have emerged that aim to protect the user, regulating the rights and obligations related to the use of the internet and personal data, such as the Marco Civil da Internet (Law nº 12.965 / 2014), which expressly provides that internet use is intended to principles and protection of privacy and protection of personal data (art. 3, inc. II and III) and the General Data Protection Law – LGPD (Law No. 13.709 / 2018).

Regarding the privacy and protection of personal data, our services include:

  • Consulting and advice specialized in privacy and protection of personal data;
  • Due diligence in privacy and protection of personal data;
  • Implementation of Compliance Projects or Adequacy to LGPD;
  • Preparation and review of contracts, contractual clauses and other documents (such as: Terms of Use and Privacy Policies) to adapt to the LGPD;
  • Elaboration of institutional privacy and data protection policy;
  • Elaboration or revision of policy to respond to data leakage incidents;
  • Responding to consultations and preparing opinions on privacy and protection of personal data;
  • Extrajudicial, administrative and judicial measures (litigation) to defend the interests and preserve the rights of personal data holders;
  • Training and qualification of employees, collaborators and suppliers on privacy and personal data protection policies;
  • Acting as Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO – Data Protection Officer), as well as training and qualification of the Person in charge selected internally by the company;
  • Maintenance and monitoring of LGPD compliance by the company.

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