The treatment of Intellectual Property rights demands great knowledge and a high specialization, because of its complexity and often involving valuable assets of a company.

Therefore, in our firm, each specific case requires the strategic definition of the protection and defense of the rights discussed in order to fit all the instances and courts in national territory that, for the most part, have specialized judges in the analysis of related lawsuits to Intellectual Property, which is now demonstrated as a beneficial experience for faster decisions and, clearly, a significant increase in quality.

The Brazilian law admits a series of provisional measures/injunctions related to cases involving urgency. These mechanisms were consolidated by the entry into force of the current Code of Civil Procedure on March 18, 2016, the object of constant study by the entire team, in addition to frequent updating of jurisprudence and even the creation of precedents.

Our professionals are updated in relation to the changes and innovations introduced in our legal system by the Code of Civil Procedure in force, and, thus, able to provide our clients with the best and most adequate legal advice.

Our firm is recognized for high quality and expertise in the active and passive defense of our clients in the judicial sphere, in lawsuits related to violations of Intellectual Property rights, in civil and criminal matters, as well as in actions for nullification or invalidation of such rights.

The litigation services cover all areas of Intellectual Property and our main services providing on all Brazilian territory are:

  • Invalidation actions regarding the validity of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, industrial designs, etc.) granted by Brazilian PTO;
  • Infringement actions aiming to oblige third parties to cease infringement of Intellectual Property rights such as trademarks, patents, trade name, domain name, copyright, violation of contractual clauses, among others;
  • Indemnity actions;
  • Precautionary actions;
  • Proceeding before the State and Federal Justices in all instances;
  • Actions in order to repress acts of unfair competition;

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