Technological progress, especially the use of the Internet and Social Medias as a source of information and means of communication, has created significant transformations on both the legal aspects and the society itself, which is reflected on a series of innovative products and services with new trends and conflicts that must be settled by Laws professionals.

Taking into consideration the importance of this topic, it was promulgated the Law No. 12.965/2014 (Civil Code of the Internet) that defines the duties and responsibilities to be demanded of service providers and defines the role to be exercised by the public power in relation to the development of social potential of the network, and, of course, to discipline user rights and guarantees.

The protection of personal data, e-commerce, cybercrime, intellectual property, Internet governance and regulation of the activity of public Internet access centers, among others, are the object of the Law. In this way, the Law protects the rights of personality, in particular the right to privacy, intimacy, honor and image of people, and intellectual property rights in a digital environment, so that, as far as possible, it does not injure the freedom of expression.

In relation to this digital environment, our services comprise: 

Domain name

  • Registration, negotiation and acquisition of domain names
  • Settlement of disputes involving domain names before the Mediation and Arbitration Chambers (SACI-Adm e WIPO)
  • Assessment and advice on domain name conflicts with other distinctive signs

E-commerce and other internet issues

  • Analysis and auditing of website content, with legal opinion regarding the violation of third party rights, as well as for the compliance of the requirements of the Internet Civil Code (Marco Civil da Internet) and other applicable laws
  • Notices and complaints aimed at removing content from websites and social media that violate intellectual property rights or personality of our clients
  • Legal action against users and providers of content, access and hosting, against violation of intellectual property rights and rights of personality (image, honor, privacy etc.) in social media and in the virtual environment
  • Drafting, revision and adaptation of Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of websites;
  • E-commerce contracts related to the area of intellectual property and consumer law

Information security:

  • Consultancy and advice on information security;
  • Elaboration and revision of code and ethics in relation to the provisions related to information security;
  • Elaboration or review of institutional information security policy;
  • Elaboration of a policy for the use of social media and communication applications by employees, collaborators and suppliers;
  • Elaboration of Bring Your Own Device – BYOD policy, telework policy and clean screen and table policy;
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts or confidentiality agreements (NDA) or confidentiality clauses.

Topographies of integrated circuits

The Act Nº 11.484/2007 regulates, among others, the intellectual property rights applicable to the topography of integrated circuits, which depends on the registration before the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI, and which shall be granted for the period of 10 (ten) years. After the termination of such period of protection, the object is in public domain.

He legal protection is only applicable to an original topography; in the sense that it results from the intellectual effort of its creator or creators, and that it is not common or vulgar to technicians, specialists or manufacturers of integrated circuits.

Our firm provides full assistance in all administrative procedures before the Brazilian PTO and abroad, such as: application for registration of topography of integrated circuits, reply official actions, appeals and other measures.


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