The field of Copyrights is in a great transformation stage, especially by virtue of new technologies and habits established by society in the era of information technology and the digital world.

This large area of intellectual property includes the protection of the most varied works, such as: the texts of literary, artistic or scientific works; musical compositions, audiovisual works, photographic works; drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, lithography and kinetic art works; or computer programs and ntellectual creations in the field of fashion (Fashion Law), among others.

We provide advice and services to protect copyrights, but also guidance on the different aspects involving the use of works by third parties.

Our services related to copyrights in Brazil and abroad comprise:

  • Advising and consulting for the protection of intellectual works;
  • Analysis and drafting of contracts and agreements involving the creation, assignment and license of copyrights;
  • Management of the contracts and copyrights portfolio;
  • Registration of intellectual works before the competent institutions such as the National Library, School of Fine Arts and Brazilin PTO for the registration of software.
  • Protection of copyrights against violation, plagiarism and unfair competition, including through the filing of lawsuits, aiming at the cessation of the violation and obtaining indemnification;
  • Protection of copyrights against infringements, plagiarism and unfair competition
  • Protection of computer programs through registration as a copyright, as well as through judicial and extrajudicial anti-piracy measures;
  • Elaboration of strategy and extrajudicial negotiations.

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