We have extensive experience in issues related to repression of unfair competition and our team is qualified to advise clients in a preventive way, through opinions, negotiations and legal disputes, among other measures, involving the following topics:

  • Trade dress: guidance and advice against imitation of visual appearance of a product, labels / packaging, commercial place
  • Anti-piracy: guidance and advice for the protection of trademarks and repression of acts of counterfeiting and piracy with Brazilian Customs, Federal Revenue, Civil and Federal Police and judicial measures
  • Trade secret: guidance, advice, analysis and drafting of opinions and contracts for the protection of company’s technologies and know-how
  • Data protection and business information: guidance and advice, analysis and elaboration of opinion and contracts for data protection, names or lists of clients and their addresses, special suppliers, price calculations, forecasts for competitions, unpublished company balance sheets, among others.
  • Analysis and drafting of opinions related to antitrust and unfair competition legislation.
  • Acting in administrative and judicial proceedings involving the abuse of intellectual property rights.

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