Aware that patents are important instruments to ensure greater competitiveness and consequently ensure the return to investments in research and development, we offer to our clients highly specialized technical services in all areas of knowledge with regard to the protection of inventions and utility models.

We are pride to have our own patent department, formed by an experienced and highly specialized technical team including industrial property agents, engineers and biologists. We also counted on the advice of former patent examiners from the Brazilian PTO, as well as translators specialized in patents, which guarantees a technical service of excellence.

Throughout our history, we have applied and managed thousands of patent applications in Brazil and abroad, ensuring our clients the adequate protection of their patents, through a strategy defined according to the business plan, always aiming at reducing risks and optimization costs.

We emphasize that we have extensive experience in extending patents to other countries, even using the advantages and benefits of international treaties such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Our services related to patents, in Brazil and abroad, comprise:

  • Prior art and clearance searches and assessment on the patentability of patents and utility models
  • Freedom to operate searches and reports in Brazil and abroad.
  • Monitoring of patents published in Brazil and abroad to follow up competitors, trends and technological development of the client’s area
  • Management and administration of the patents portfolio in Brazil and abroad;
  • Administrative procedures before the Brazilian PTO and entities abroad, such as: applications, support to the examination, appeals, nullities and other measures
  • Analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts involving license, assignment and exploration of patents
  • Due diligence of patents assets
  • Analysis of infringement and unfair competition involving patents with elaboration of legal and technical opinions, recommendations and respective chances of success;
  • Defense of our client’s rights on lawsuits involving patents or invalidation of patents’ rigths.
  • Training on patens to our clients free of charge.



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