In an increasingly dynamic market environment and fierce competition, access to information about the development and trends of the market and the activity of competitors can greatly increase the competitiveness of your company and consequently maximize profits.

Access to such information enables the company to anticipate market demands, to chart streamlined and efficient strategic and long-term planning, as well as to make the decision-making process better, more efficient and supportive.

Aware of the importance of the implementation of competitive intelligence systems by our clients, we offer a range of services related to obtaining information about the market and activity of competitors.


Competition radar:

Periodic monitoring of the competitors according to the needs and strategy defined with our clients, obtaining and supplying market and technological information, through periodical surveys carried out, among others, in databases of national and foreign trademarks and patents, social media, regulatory agencies, Internet search tools, business meetings etc., in order to check the competitors’ activities and trends in their market segment.


Freedom to Operate search and report:

Search of patents and patent applications and drafting of legal opinion on the possibility and risks of exploiting a particular product or process in Brazil, especially considering infringement of third party intellectual property rights.


Prior art search:

Search of patents in national and international databases, aiming at raising information about the state of the art of a given product or process, providing information to guide the research and development process and/or assessing the patentability of inventions and products


Due diligence in Intellectual Property:

In-deep analysis of our client’s business to identify patented or non-patentable technology, products and processes, and distinctive signs that may be subject of protection and/or commercial exploitation.


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