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Ricci Propriedade Intelectual, established in 1989, is an office specialized in Intellectual Property matters and other related topics, acting with large experience, in the Brazilian market and internationally, offering high standard consultancy, administrative and judicial services for over 25 years and constantly customizing its services according to the need of the companies and taking into account the tendencies and the current business environment in Brazil.

It is our great satisfaction to inform that we published the Guide How to Protect Intellectual Property in Brazil, a result from a partnership between Ricci Intellectual Property and AMCHAM-Brazil.

The main focus of the publication of this guide is to provide potential foreign investors, professionals and entrepreneurs with general and necessary information to secure appropriate protection and defense of their valuable Intellectual Property assets in Brazil, so that they can adequately protect their intangible assets in the most effective and least costly way possible.

It is our pleasure to offer The Guide How to Protect Intellectual Property in Brazil, please contact us to learn how to get a free copy.


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